Vajrayogini Self-Initiation
Sunday | Jan 11th | 2021
1pm – 4pm EST via Zoom

Only practitioners with Highest Yoga Tantra empowerments can participate in this puja. If you have not participated in Self Initiation before, please email to discuss your participation.

Once we have completed a Vajrayogini close retreat of actions and a fire puja, we are qualified to perform self-initiation practice. This renews and strengthens our Bodhisattva and Tantric vows. Through taking self-initiation regularly, we open the door to successful practice of generation stage and completion stage, we will be cared for by Heruka and Vajrayogini in all our lives and receive their blessings so that we quickly attain the Pure Land of Vajrayogini. Practitioners are welcome to bring ritual implements.

Please sign up by emailing
You will receive a link to the initiation once submitted.