Buddhist Teachings from the Heart of the South

The Five Resident Teachers of Kadampa Buddhism in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, have each offered a teaching on a Dharma topic that is close to their heart.  These teachings from the heart are presented here over a 5-week series on Tuesday evenings beginning Tuesday, January 26. Each Teaching will be available for 7 days including the first showing.

$10 per teaching to cover costs and keep our Wednesday and Sunday classes free. Each teaching will be available throughout the period indicated.

The titles are as follows

Feb 16 to Feb 22:  “Healing with Wisdom” Ethan Lechner, Kosala Buddhist Center, Carrboro/Chapel Hill.

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Feb 23 to Mar 1 “Healing Anger With Compassion” Kelsang Jangchen, Kadampa Buddhist Center, South Carolina, Columbia

Previous weeks

Feb 9 to Feb 15:  “The Kindness of Others” Kadam Sharon Lovich, Je Tsongkhapa Buddhist Center, Asheville.

Feb 2 to Feb 8: “Letting Go of Attachment” with Gen Kelsang Tilopa, Kadampa Meditation Center North Carolina, Charlotte

Jan 26 to Feb 1 “What’s the Meaning of Life” Gen Kelsang Norden, Kadampa Meditation Center Georgia, Atlanta GA