Buddhist Advice for Modern Living

Buddhist Advice for Modern Living

This is a Three Saturday, Live-Streamed Course on Buddhist advice for living in the modern world. The first two Saturdays consider the application of teachings from an ancient Buddhist scripture, to our busy modern lives. The third Saturday is a day of meditation retreat where we have an opportunity to take the teachings to heart. All teachings and meditations led by Gen Kelsang Tilopa

Sat Sep 12 & 19, 10 am – 1 pm

Advice from the Heart of Atisha. This scripture is a teaching from the famous 11th Century scholar and teacher. It has influenced the lives of countless persons since that time and is well-loved by countless modern-day practitioners. The scripture can be found in the pamphlet, “The Kadampa Way of Life”, available from Tharpa.com

Sat 26, 10-11 am; 12 – 1 pm; and 2:30 – 3:30 pm

Meditation Retreat. This retreat is an excellent opportunity to take the Advice From the Heart of Atisha to your own heart and incorporate it into your daily life.

Course Costs:

  • The whole course: $65
  • Teaching, Saturday September 12th: $25
  • Teaching, Saturday September 19th: $25
  • Retreat, Saturday September 26th:  $25


buddhist advice for modern living