Study on the Foundation Program

You can make a difference in your own and others’ lives by deepening your understanding and practice of Buddhism by studying on the Foundation Program of Kadampa Buddhism. We are just about to begin the 2nd part of the text “How to Understand the Mind”, so this is an excellent time to join the Foundation Program.

This text provides you with a deep understanding of the nature and function of your own mind. It explains how you can improve your mind by recognizing and abandoning its negative painful aspects and cultivating positive minds that are the cause of happiness and inner peace. Foundation Program is a wonderful opportunity to deepen your experience of Kadampa Buddhism and to be supported in your path by a joyful loving spiritual community.

The next series of classes begins on Aug 19 from 6 to 8:15. The section to be studied will be pp 149-317. You may attend a class before deciding to commit.

What Are the Commitments

Students on the Foundation Program commit to :-

  1. Try to attend every class. (Exceptions are for illness and family emergencies.)
  2. Memorize the Condensed Meaning of the text.
  3. Prepare for each class by reading the indicated pages.
  4. Engage in group discussions.
  5. Sit a test at the end of each text or section of a text.
  6. Attend one other Center Puja or General Program Class each week.

This method of study and learning is specially designed for our modern world.

What Happens in Classes?

Each class begins with preparatory prayers to generate correct motivation, accumulate positive energy, and remove obstructions to learning. This is followed by a guided meditation based on the section of the text studied in the previous week. Then the students recite together the relevant section of the Condensed Meaning of the Text. The oral transmission and explanation of the difficult part of the text are given by the resident teacher, Gen Kelsang Tilopa, and this is followed by discussion in pairs so that students can reach a conclusion and formulate any questions about what they have just learned. The class concludes with dedication prayers. Attendance is in-person at the Center

I live a long way away from KMC NC – can I study with live-streaming? Yes. Students who study via live stream are required to send in a precis of the class each week. 

How Do I Join?

You can join at any time by attending and committing to paying the Monthly Subscription for an initial three months. Alternately you can become a Supporter Member which gives additional benefits.

What Does it Cost? $65 per calendar month.