Learn to Meditate

Sat Jan 16, 10 am – 12:30 pm

In this 1/2 day meditation workshop, Gen Kelsang Tilopa will guide participants through meditations to calm the mind; experience inner peace and contentment; improve concentration; let go of troubling thoughts; and instead, cultivate thoughts conducive to inner peace and happiness.

Gen Kelsang Tilopa

The workshop will consist of instructions on creating a correct outer and inner environment; meditation posture; and four guided meditations. There will be a short break during the workshop with light refreshments.

Participants who wish to experience the workshop in person in the Meditation room at the Center should be free from Covid 19 symptoms, and not have had contact with anyone who has been tested positive for Covid 19 within the last month. In-person participants should wear a mask and observe safe social distancing measures.

Cost $25,  Member $12

Meditations for a Peaceful Mind

The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation makes our mind calm and peaceful, free from worries and mental discomfort.

If we train in meditation gradually our mind will become more and more peaceful and we shall attain a purer form of happiness.

By training in meditation, we create an inner space and clarity that enables us to control our mind even when external circumstances are not going well.

If we train in meditation systematically, eventually we shall be able to eradicate from our mind the delusions that are the cause of all our problems.

In the beginning, even if our meditation does not seem to be going well, we should remember that simply by applying effort in training in meditation we are creating the mental karma to experience inner peace in the future.