Become a Member of Kadampa Meditation Center North Carolina

Benefits of Membership

I become a member of an intentional spiritual community promoting inner peace to people in Charlotte and the surrounding area.

I can reduce the cost of attending teachings and events.

I can forget about having to pay each time I attend a class or event.

I can budget the cost of my Dharma practice more easily

By being able to attend more regularly I can accumulate merit and spiritual energy and really play a part in the community.

By attending regularly I can make spiritual friendships with other members.

It helps me maintain good discipline and reinforces my practice

It’s a purposeful way for me to spend the increased time at home during the lockdown.

Being a member makes it easier for me to follow a path that actually leads to genuine happiness.

As a member, I have lots of opportunities to learn methods and techniques to solve everyday problems.

I’m supporting an organization that promotes world peace right here in Charlotte!