Overcoming Loneliness. May 1, 10-1

Loneliness is one of the biggest causes of sadness, despondency and suffering.

It is a feeling of being alone in the world with nobody to care for and no one to care. In our modern society, it is so easy to find yourself feeling lonely, perhaps because you find yourself spending time alone. This has been particularly true in the current pandemic with lockdown in many places.

However, being alone is definitely NOT the same as loneliness. Being alone can give you space to take ownership of your life to engage in creating new ventures and creating and developing a new self that is happier than the previous one. This development is not always possible in the presence of others.

In this half-day workshop, Gen Tilopa will guide and teach meditations that can raise your awareness of your own spiritual self, creating infinite possibilities for peace and happiness independent of the physical presence of others. With this spiritual awakening, you will see yourself as a single being in a vast body of all living beings in which your own and the happiness of others are inextricably linked. Realizing this you will come to see everyone as your friend and become a friend to everyone.

With this perspective, all experience of loneliness is dispersed, and in its place, a feeling of joy arises from wishing for other’s happiness. Now you can be alone or in the company of others, but still, feel you are working for the happiness and freedom of others. That wish to cherish others is the true source of all your own happiness and freedom and dispels the sadness and despondency of loneliness

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