These Saturday 1/2 Day Courses give you an opportunity to explore Buddha’s practical advice to help you solve your human problems and improve the quality of your life.

Sep 11. Solving Anger with Patience and Wisdom

Oct 16. Meditate on Death and Live Meaningfully

Nov 7. Having a Spiritual Life

Nov 28. Meditating on Karma

Dec 11. Meditating on the Four Noble Truths

Jan 15. How Ritual can Improve Your Mind

Feb 12. Meditating on Affectionate Love

Feb 19 Meditating on Great Compassion

Mar 5 Don’t Remain Ordinary Forever

Apr 9 Meditating on the Mind of Enlightenment

May 7 Meditating on Emptiness

Jun 11 Meditating on Emptiness