Sat Oct 17, 10 am – 1 pm

With special guest teacher Gen Kelsang Demo, the Resident Teacher of KMC DC and the Mid-Western National Spiritual Director. Gen Demo is renowned for her joyful yet profound teachings that have enhanced the lives of many.

About Tantra

Actual Tantra, also known as ‘Secret Mantra’ or ‘Vajrayana’, is a special method taught by Buddha to purify our world, our self, our enjoyments, and our activities. With the sincere practice of Highest Yoga Tantra, it is possible to attain enlightenment within one life. To practice Tantra it is necessary to receive empowerment from a spiritual master. This confers special blessings that awaken your Buddha nature of wisdom and compassion and enables you to engage in the practices that will ripen your unlimited potential.

In general, our experience of worldly pleasures or enjoyments gives rise to attachment, the source of all suffering. Through practicing Tantra we can transform our experience of worldly pleasure into a profound spiritual path that leads quickly to the supreme happiness of enlightenment.

In this introduction to Buddha’s teachings on Tantra, Gen Kelsang Demo will explain how this transformation is possible and guide meditations that anyone can practice.

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Preciousness of Tantra