Tuesday General Program Topics August 2020 to June 2021

Sep: Meditation and Freedom

1 Learning to Meditate: A Spiritual Journey, Finding Clarity 

8 Freedom from Attachment

15 Freedom from Anger

22 Freedom from Jealousy

29 Freedom from Ignorance

Oct: Healing the Mind

6 Self: the Source of All Suffering

13 Self and Others, Finding Harmony in Equality

Sat 17: ½ Day Course: Gen Kelsang Demo: The Preciousness of Tantra

20 Healing with Love and Compassion

27 Healing the Mind with Wisdom

23-29 International Fall Festival. The Blessing Empowerment of Medicine Buddha

Nov: Purifying and Cleansing

3 Karma: Actions and Experiences: Cause and Effect

10 The Four Powers of Purification

Sat 14, 10 am – 4 pm. The Blessing Empowerment of Vajrasattva

17 Pure Mind, Pure Actions 

Sat 21-Sun 22 Vajrasattva Purification Retreat

24 Pure Ethical Actions

Dec: De-Stressing

1 How Stress Arises: Desire & Expectations

8 Practicing Contentment

Sat 12 Dealing with Stressful Situations. Gen Tilopa

15 Transforming Difficult Situations & Experiences



Jan: Roads to Freedom

3-9 Retreat Week; Lamrim and Vajrayogini

10 Vajrayogini Day: Self Initiation

12 Renunciation: Deciding to Become Free of Suffering

19 Three Trainings for Freedom

26 Wisdom: That Sets You Free

Feb: Reliance

2 Truth and Dharma are Always Reliable

9 How to Rely Upon Truth

Sat 13: What About Love? ½ Day Course. Gen Tilopa

16 Practicing Dharma: An Experiment of One

23 What is Possible?

Mar: Deepening

2 Learning to Love

9 Removing Obstacles to Loving

16 From Love Comes Compassion

23 From Compassion Comes Joy

26-28 Southern Dharma Celebration

30 From Joy Comes Attainment

Apr: Dharma in Everyday Life

6 Death and Beyond

Sat 10 Overcoming Depression. Gen Tilopa

13 Breaking Bad Habits

20 Overcoming Anxiety

27 Letting Go

May: Spiritual Advice for a Happy Life

4 Advice from the Heart I

Sat 8: ½ Day Course: Overcoming Uncontrolled Desire. Gen Tilopa

11 Advice from the Heart II

18 Advice from the Heart III

25 Advice from the Heart IV

May 28 – Jun 2 International Spring Festival

Jun: Enlightenment is Possible

8 The Power of Imagination

12 Sat: ½ Day Course: Enjoying Daily Life. Gen Tilopa

15 The Joy of Bodhichitta Mind

22 The Path of the Bodhisattva

29 The Nature of the Enlightened Mind