Why Things Happen

Understanding the Law of Karma

A half-day live-streamed course with Gen Kelsang Tilopa

Saturday, July 18

10 am – 1 pm

So often we think things happen without reason, or by chance, or we blame others for our hurt or some unknowable external entity like Destiny. Thinking in this way we can never become free of problems. There is always someone to blame, we can always think it was just bad or good luck, and we can always think that bad things were predetermined by an external entity with good or bad intentions.

However, if we understand the Laws of Karma we can realize that all our experiences are the result only of our past actions, driven by our past minds. Thinking in this way is the key to freeing ourselves from problems and suffering. All we have to do is stop having negative minds that create negative actions. Our actions are themselves are the main cause of our future suffering. So develop and maintain the positive minds that are the cause of our own and others’ happiness and peace.

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Karma: Why Things Happen